Hi There/ Shalom/ Namaste…

My name is Kim and this is my Eureka.

Eureka is that Aha! Moment. It refers to the common human experience of suddenly understanding something that was previously incomprehensible or difficult. It is a sudden, surprising moment where one discovers inspiration and gains an insight into something that was unknown.

Here I share with you my Aha! Moments, life lessons from my adventures. The Eurekas.

I bring a mix of my culture and personality to my unique experiences. Serving you in a cocktail of fitness, yoga, spirituality, wellness and healthy living. Sharing with you the Aha! Moments of life. 

I’m a 500 hours RYT, Health and Wellness Coach and a Communication and Publishing undergrad. 

As a Communication students, I love interacting with people so give me a shout and let’s connect! Feel free to ask me ANYTHING. 

Let’s create the best version of you to reach your fullest and happiest version of YOU.

This is for the people that their dreams & goals are bigger than their doubts & fears.

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