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The Basics of Yoga

I constantly argue that yoga is not just a stretch, it’s a way of life. It’s a way of doing things with intention and awareness. We talked about stretches, strength. And we also mentioned mindfulness and breath. The practise of yoga is the integration of both in a constant flow. Utilizing your breath and awareness in order to create space in your body, mind and soul.  So now that we’re getting closer to the end…

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Essay 2

A public must not die every semester (Erin Glass).  This is the first semester that I will not throw my papers into the recycle bin. During Spring 2021, I was honoured to take PUB 101. In this introductory course, students get to explore how new media have transformed personal but also social behaviour of the self. By using online publications software like WordPress, students learn how to create, disseminate and engage with the public sphere.…

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