About Kim

Hi all!

I’m honoured to have you here and read my blog. I hope you find value in the stories I share and that you’ll get some Eureka moments as well.

My name is Kim Bassan and I was born in Israel on Oct 11, 1995. 

Growing up, I travelled all over the world. From Europe to Asia, the USA, Africa … and back then Canada was considered abroad too. 

I grew up with a bodybuilder mom so it was inevitable for me to jump on the bandwagon and become a fitness and nutrition rat myself.

In 2016 I was recruited to the Israeli military. (yes, it is mandatory for women in Israel as well and yes, it was very difficult)

After finishing with my service I struggled with myself and my identity. Being in the fitness and gymnastics world exposed me to the practice of yoga. And that’s how we fall in love. 

Between 2016-2017 I took my yoga teacher training and decided to go travel the world.

In 2018, when I came back to Israel it felt like my dreams and goals were more powerful than any of my fears or doubts. 

Me, my family and my dog (Moana) decided to move to Canada and I’ve been exploring this experience ever since.

Today I’m an SFU student at the school of communication, art and technology. I’m passionate about yoga, wellness, fitness, travelling and everything that goes into a holistic healthy lifestyle! 


So, follow me along the journey of life as my past, present and future guide me to discover the adventures of life and experience Eureka moments along the path.

Warm wishes, namaste and Aha!