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Process Post #8

To gain web literacy you have to learn the web (Mike Caulfield), in pub 101 we learn all kinds of aspects to digital information literacy. Yes, we evaluate surface acronyms such as RADCAB which helps to identify fake news, filter bubble and so. But we also learn how to handle the web. We begin to untie the inner complexity wires of the digital web. This week we received constructive feedback from our peers. Chi assessed my digital design choices. I believe that Kim’s Eureka is a part of my personal representation. Even though it is online, it reflects who I am, a mini public, digital cyberinfrastructure. I learned all of these fancy terms in pub 101, at the beginning of the course I had no clue what these concepts mean, but now they are part of my digital literacy knowledge. 

As we move forward into the evolution of technology, these concepts become inseparable from our life, our digital devices have become an extension of ourselves. Therefore in order to navigate through modern life, we all must learn how to operate in the domain.

As Suzanne showed in class:

Taken from Suzanne slides

We rely on online platforms to represent and teach us about what is happening in the world. With high-tech software such as artificial intelligence and more, the challenge of big data is relevant more than ever. While online medium seems beautiful they can also be vulnerable and creepy (James Bridle). Mass media serve an important role in shaping the publics’ opinion and if we take every clickbait, deep-fake or misinformation as the concrete reality we will be living in a world of radical ignorance (Georgina Kenyon). That is why I believe in receiving constructive feedback from a real person, even though we all have different opinions and styles, Chi’s provided me with a valuable outside view. With her feedback, I hope to create an accessible and appealing garden for my public. 

Since I want my digital garden to present a positive accurate and accessible side of Kim I listened to Chi and adjusted the way I structure some of my posts to make them more readable. In addition, Chi suggested I would add a tag cloud to help my viewers to navigate through my content.

The internet has a powerful effect to shape people’s minds, it can operate as a propaganda machine (Georgina Kenyon). Since my mission in life is to improve humanity, contribute to my community and serve other people with my knowledge, skills and experience, I want my website to appeal to my users and I appreciate the feedback from Chi.

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