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When 2 World Collide: Yoga VS. Bodybuilding

Can you smell the flowers? Feel the heat? Well not really it’s still Vancouver, but spring is coming! This week in Kim Eureka I’m going to help you get the summer body you always dreamed of But as you already know me, I reject any idea of treating yourself as a body.  “You are not a body, you have a body. You are a soul” But I do understand the desire to look good, feel…

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How to Build (life) Muscles?

I don’t know if you know this but my mom was a bodybuilder so my childhood was full of words such as ‘bulk’, ‘protein’ and ‘gains’ (in Hebrew of course). My mom is a strong woman and whenever we walk in the street we always get stares. While her muscles are very defined, I think it is her inner strength that shines through. People always comment on the dedication and strong mindset. She seems unbreakable…

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