Mini- Assignment POSIEL

Mini-Assignment 5

This is Kim’s Eureka directory. With this infographic, I aim to visually represent the information I provide in my blog. I know that there is a wide range of learning styles. Some people prefer visual, some prefer oral, however, in Kim’s Eureka I aim to accommodate all my readers’ needs. This infographic gives an easy-to-understand overview of Kim’s Eureka navigation map!

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Adventure Eureka Fitness Lifestyle

Why should you hike more?

Look outside your window, what do you see? I won’t be surprised if the answer is “more houses”. As Jay Z said, we live in a concrete jungle. Some may see it as a bad phrase and some may see it as an opportunity.  I don’t see it as right, wrong, good or bad. Urbanization and progression go hand in hand. I’m not here to criticize this world, I’m here to offer solutions. To share…

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