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Top Yoga Stretches for Post-Workout

As we come to the end of this semester I feel my body, mind and soul getting fatigued. Every semester feels like a long workout which after you get 2-3 weeks off to rejuvenate and refuel your physical and mental energies. Let’s take this season of our lives and connect it with Kim’s Eureka context. In today’s post, we’re going to learn about the best yoga stretches for post-workout! As I mentioned, when we workout…

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Top Favourite Yoga Poses for Love

Hi love!  How are you? And may I ask how old are you? CONGRATULATIONS on your X amazing years celebrating and flourishing with yourself.  Every Feb 14 we dedicate all our creativity, energy, passion, love and obviously…money, to someone else. But who said that Valentine’s day should be about investing ourselves for someone else? While I do think we should show appreciation to our environment, creating a happy version of ourselves is also contributing to…

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