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A Mindful Post about Mindfulness

Here it comes again. It is the peak Of the winter, midterms, finals, stress season. You might be feeling like all you want to do is stare out the window on a dark rainy day as a gloomy melody plays in the background. Every time you think of taking some self-care time there’s a new assignment and a dark cloud settles on you. I don’t know if that’s only me feeling this but I assume…

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Peer Review POSIEL

Peer Review #3

Hearing Trevor talk this week in class was extremely empowering. Trevor has a fun and motivating personality. As I was listening to his lecture, I started thinking of the business possibilities the web world offers. As we get to know our target audience we can also tailor specific content or products to them. Consequently, making revenue out of our site!  For this peer review, I was assigned with the lovely, Tracey Ho. I will review her…

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Top Life-lessons from Travelling in Asia

“I need a vacation“, sounds familiar? I bet it does, and it’s not just because of covid-19. This phrase has been wandering around for a long time. But, not all those who wander are lost. This phrase is definitely not lost, which also leads me to our blog topic. Why do we need to travel? I know it’s covid and the whole travel thing got a bit complicated but soon it’ll be behind us and…

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How to Build (life) Muscles?

I don’t know if you know this but my mom was a bodybuilder so my childhood was full of words such as ‘bulk’, ‘protein’ and ‘gains’ (in Hebrew of course). My mom is a strong woman and whenever we walk in the street we always get stares. While her muscles are very defined, I think it is her inner strength that shines through. People always comment on the dedication and strong mindset. She seems unbreakable…

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