Top Life-lessons from Travelling in Asia

“I need a vacation“, sounds familiar? I bet it does, and it’s not just because of covid-19. This phrase has been wandering around for a long time. But, not all those who wander are lost. This phrase is definitely not lost, which also leads me to our blog topic. Why do we need to travel? I know it’s covid and the whole travel thing got a bit complicated but soon it’ll be behind us and…

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Eureka Lifestyle Mini- Assignment POSIEL

The Art of Being Present: How to live a creative life full of eureka!

If you are reading this, you are either my TA or you’re lacking inspiration. In either case, inspiration is something that we all need in our life to feel happy and content. As Maslow found, the human species have fundamental needs to survive and self-actualization/ realization is one of them. This is where my blog comes in! (so basically Kim’s Eureka is essential to your existence) But before I get all hyped about my blog,…

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