POSIEL Process Posts

Process Post #11

With Google owning more than 75 percent of the overall search market it is clear-cut that they are the new leaders. If websites want to appear in a user’s search, then the website must follow Google’s guidelines. As with every public sphere, online communities have their own rules and behaviour. Google is no different. Google ranking system operates upon SEO. So if you want to be seen and known to an audience (customers or users),…

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Process Post #7

Can Kim’s Eureka serve as my public sphere?  Readings this week made me wonder if social media can be a solution to Habermas’s narrow definition of the public sphere. Habermas defines the public sphere as “a body of private persons assembles to form a public”, in ‘Rethinking the Public Sphere’ Fraser critiques this narrow definition. In our modern century mass democracy requires an alternative structure (Fraser, 1990). I agree with Fraser and think that with…

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