Mini- Assignment POSIEL

Dear me, will I be my valentine?

It doesn’t matter if you are single, dating, married, engaged. True love can only be experienced if you love and accept yourself. So before you go and buy all the flowers and chocolate for your significant other, treat yourself with what your heart craves. Love yourself first because that’s who you’ll be spending most and the rest of your life with. I wish all of my imaginary readers happy V-Day! And if your heart craves…

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Eureka Fitness Yoga

Top Favourite Yoga Poses for Love

Hi love!  How are you? And may I ask how old are you? CONGRATULATIONS on your X amazing years celebrating and flourishing with yourself.  Every Feb 14 we dedicate all our creativity, energy, passion, love and obviously…money, to someone else. But who said that Valentine’s day should be about investing ourselves for someone else? While I do think we should show appreciation to our environment, creating a happy version of ourselves is also contributing to…

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