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Top Yoga Stretches for Post-Workout

As we come to the end of this semester I feel my body, mind and soul getting fatigued. Every semester feels like a long workout which after you get 2-3 weeks off to rejuvenate and refuel your physical and mental energies. Let’s take this season of our lives and connect it with Kim’s Eureka context. In today’s post, we’re going to learn about the best yoga stretches for post-workout! As I mentioned, when we workout…

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Eureka Fitness Mini- Assignment POSIEL

Wonderwoman’s Workout

A quick show of hands … Who wants to workout like Wonderwoman and become invincible?  It is with great excitement that I welcome at “Kim’s Eureka”, the one and only- Wonderwoman. She embodies power, femininity, ambitions and leadership. She’s empowering us all and making the world a better place. All of this while working to pursue her goals, keeping a healthy life and maintaining an exceptional physique. So, what is her secret? Let’s get some…

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