The Eureka’s Community Guidelines

If you’re here then you’re already aware that yoga, mindfulness and self-awareness are important to helping you find clarity on your path. I trust my readers to come here for a good, genuine reason. I know that people are good at their core and I trust you to act respectfully to other members of the community, to my content and especially to yourself. So, if you decide to be a troll just remember that “What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally”


On this platform you are more than welcome to share:

  • Struggles in your life, business, relationships, or basically anything!

  • Ask questions if you’re confused, unsure, or stuck physically or emotionally.

  • Read and share any piece you find value in!

  • Utilize content for personal benefits in real life

  • Utilize content for personal benefits also on the digital world, but please respect copyright and reference to my Eureka 🙂


I don’t want to tell you what to do because this place is a free space for humans to come and express themselves freely, however, I do expect members to act compassionately and respectfully as they would expect to be treated. 


Any participants that display inappropriate, harmful or argumentative comments will be removed and banned from the community.

As always, here is a little Aha! Moment:

Karma Is like a rubber band, you can only stretch it so far until it comes back to snap you in the face. Here at the Eureka, we believe in karma



Thank you for understanding and participating in my Eureka.